Retailer Corner

Selling Bonuses

Draw Games

GamePrize LevelSelling Bonus
Powerball®Match 5 +0$2,500
Mega Millions®Jackpot$100,000
Mega Millions®Match 5 +0$2,500
Lucky for Life®Match 5 +1$20,000
Lucky for Life®Match 5 +0$2,500
Cash5Match 5$1,000
Lucky LinksTop Prize$500
KENO10 of 10 with Bonus Multiplier$10,000
KENO8 of 8, 9 of 9, or 10 of 10$1,000

Scratch Games

Sell a winning scratch ticket with a PRIZE of $10,000 or more and receive a Selling Bonus equal to 1% of the PRIZE VALUE.

"For Life" Scratch Games

Sell one of these TOP PRIZE winning scratch tickets and receive the Selling Bonus listed below:

GameSelling Bonus
Win $2,000 a Month for Life$6,000
Win $5,000 a Month for Life$12,000
Win $7,500 a Month for Life$18,000
Win $10,000 a Month for Life$24,000

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