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Nancy Levine takes the Lucky for Life lump-sum cash prize option worth $390,000
Winner:Nancy Levine, Bridgeport
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Donut Inc, Bridgeport
Bridgeport Woman’s Lucky “$25,000 a Year for Life” Second Prize is Second to NoneWhen is learning that you didn’t win first prize a totally awesome experience? When you’re Nancy Levine of Bridgeport and you’ve just found out that you’ve won the CT Lottery’s “Lucky for Life” draw game’s second prize worth $25,000 a year for life.

“My husband came out of the store—his face was absolutely beaming—but when he got into the car, he said nothing,” Levine told Lottery officials, her voice choking with emotion. “When we got home he said, ‘Well, we didn’t win first prize, but we won second prize…and the second prize is $25,000 a year for life.’ I asked him if he was sure, and he said, yes. I couldn’t believe it,” said Levine.

Levine’s Lucky for Life “Quick Pick” ticket for the December 1, 2014 drawing missed the Lucky Ball number, 16, but matched five of the winning numbers drawn; 17-19-25-35-40, for the game’s $25,000 a year for life second prize. Lucky’s first prize is worth an astonishing $1,000 a day for life.

Across the six New England states where Lucky for Life is sold, there were 33,887 Lucky for Life wins on that date, including 11,248 here in CT. Since the game’s start in September 2013, Levine’s Lucky match brings the total number of lifetime wins in New England to 48, with 16 of them alone, right here in Connecticut.

After Levine and her husband met with their financial adviser, they opted to claim her $25,000 a year for life second prize in a one-time cash lump-sum of $390,000 (value before taxes). “We’ve both been working very hard for many years,” said Levine through tears of happiness. “It feels good to know we can pay off some bills, invest for retirement and treat ourselves nice.”

Levine’s winning Lucky for Life ticket was purchased at Donut Inc., located at 1827 Boston Avenue in Bridgeport. For selling the ticket, Donut Inc. will receive $2,500 in a bonus check from the CT Lottery.


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